The First True All-in-One 8K 360° VR Camera

8K video in-camera stitching
Real-time photo stitching
Standalone live streaming
Pilot OS
Android-based system
3.1 inch
High-def touch screen
UFS high-speed storage
Sony CMOS sensor
Aspherical fisheye lenses
Gyroscope stabilization
Superior wireless connectivity
Flexible settings
HDR/ISO/EV/WB/stitch focus
3.5 hrs non-stop shooting

— All-in-one solution, do all in one camera —

3.1 inch touch screen, real-time feedback

Pilot Era features a high-definition 3.1 inch touch screen that allows you to do everything in real-time in the camera, such as monitoring, stitching, preview, publishing, setting adjustment and live streaming.

Stitch 8K videos and photos in the camera

Unlike traditional pro-level 8K 360° VR cameras, Pilot Era does not require any post-processing in computers. It shoots 8K panoramic videos and photos and automatically stitches them just inside the camera.

7680*3840 8K
Real-time or internal stitching
5 - 10 times faster
than traditional stitching methods

No PC needed, more convenience

Pilot Era
Simple, convenient
ShootingIn-camera stitchingDone
Other 8K 360° Cameras
Complex, time-consuming
ShootingExport contentEdit and stitch in PCDone

Faster stitching, less waiting

Stitching time for 1 minute 8K video

Pilot Era real-time stitchingReal-time
Pilot Era in-camera stitching2 minutes
PC stitching10 minutes

Standalone 4K live streaming

Equipped with both ethernet and 4G cellular/dual-band Wi-Fi connection, Pilot Era is able to stream 4K panoramic content through its built-in server without computer.

4G cellular/Wi-Fi support 5G module upgrade
Up to 50Mbps bitrate
Recording while live streaming

Optimized for Street View photographers

Being a Google Maps Street View ready camera, Pilot Era has built-in ultra-precise GPS and supports one-click upload to Google Maps!

Ultra-precise GPS
Create native Google Streetview with blue lines on the map

— Smarter OS, more possibilities —

Intuitive and evolving

Pilot Era is powered by Android-based operating system, which is user-friendly and upgradable. Moreover, we regularly push OTA updates and improvements to the Camera software.

Full function USB-C - support for many peripherals

With a full function USB-C port, Pilot Era adapts to many different peripherals, such as external display, microphone and power bank.

— Small but extremely powerful —

Fits in one hand

Pilot Era has a super compact structure and weighs only 690g. It fits in any bag or a large pocket.

Powerful performance

Pilot Era is equipped with a high-performance AI processor for graphics processing and highly-optimized algorithms to create stunning 8K panoramic contents.

50 microsecond level frame synchronization
Real-time color synchronization for 4 lenses
Real-time stitching & optical flow stitching

512GB UFS high-speed storage

Loaded with 512GB UFS high-speed storage, Pilot Era stores over 6.5 hours of 8K videos or 26000 panoramic photos.

7200mAh removable high capacity battery

With a 7200mAh removable high capacity battery, Pilot Era can shoot up to 3.5 hours of 8K video - this is the longest battery life in any pro-level 360°camera.

Sample images shot with the Pilot Era

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